Endorse Melvin Willis -- https://www.melvinwillis.org/endorse_melvin

Melvin Willis is endorsed by the following people and organizations:

  • Jovanka Beckles, former Richmond City Council member
  • Gayle McLaughlin former Richmond mayor
  • Eduardo Martinez current Richmond City Council Member
  • Richmond Progressive Alliance
  • California Progressive Alliance
  • East Bay Democratic Socialists of America (EBDSA)
  • National Union of Healthcare Workers (NUHW)
  • Sunflower Alliance
  • Courtney Cummings, Richmond resident and Native American Rights activist
  • Paul Larudee, Iranian-born Bay Area political activist, and founder of the Free Gaza Movement and the Free Palestine Movement
  • Consuelo Lara, WCCUSD Board Member
  • Demetrio Gonzalez, Former UTR President
  • Nancy Combs, former Richmond Rent Board member
  • Rick Perez, Police Reform Activist
  • Patricia Perez, Police Reform Activist
  • Richard Perez, Police Reform Activist